about the school

*Please be adviced that The School of Death does not provide any grief counseling or psychological help.

If you find yourself in a moment of acute crises please contact one of the crises hotlines in the link section.


THE SCHOOL OF DEATH was founded in Berlin, Germany in October 2017

to bridge the gap between day to day living and the realm of dying.


We have experienced the latter to be notoriously absent from Western society for quite some time.


It remains one of the most neglected and tabu subjects around despite its undeniable significance

for every human being.


Death hasn't been integrated in to our culture and lived reality in a proper way.


This concerns how we support those who are directly approaching this journey as well as how we handle this topic before it becomes an immediate reality we ourselves are facing.


In a broader sense, it concerns how we stay connected to the ones we've lost, how we can build a relationship with the fact of our own death and therefore - eventually - how we die.


THE SCHOOL OF DEATH has set itself the goal to contribute it's share to heal the separation of the Inseparable.


Death is one side of the precious coin of the grand mystery of our being.

Hence THE SCHOOL OF DEATH understands itself as a school of life in equal measure.


We believe in dying as a profound and daring process of transformation.


A process that needs to be supported in a much more sensitive and sublime way than the given status quo in our society and health care system.


Instead of isolating death in neon-lit hospitals, depressing self-help groups or in the distant horror of shocking news or spooky tales, we want to welcome death at our table.

Where it sits already anyway. 


THE SCHOOL OF DEATH says "Hi, Death!" or more precisely "Hello Darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again."


In the same way we welcome you, dear pupil, to join our community and to deepen your experience of life in the face of death.


Swing by our monthly meetings and screenings, exchange with us via our facebook group and find out that the Grim Reaper is actually the Wizard of Oz.


Let's defeat fear, decrease suffering and group hug the big elephant in the room.


Death is a community project.


Let's touch it and share the ride, find comfort and collect wisdom together.



Janna Maria Nandzik

Founder & Janitor


Berlin, Germany


Tat Tvam Asi 

Photography by Sascha Schlegel.