THE SCHOOL OF DEATH organizes regular screenings of death related fictional and documentary movies.

Dates and location soon to be announced on this page. 


Czech Television documentary series by Viliam Poltikovič about death as a process of transformation. Various interviews with neuroscientists, psychologists, shamans, near death researchers, Tibetan monks  in 13 episodes of 26 minutes.


A 1990 American Science Fiction Psychological Horror Film directed by Joel Schumacher. The film is about five medical students who attempt to find out what lies beyond death by conducting clandestine experiments that produce near-death experiences.

Cries and Whispers (Viskningar och rop)

Swedish Drama from 1972 written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. The film is set at a mansion at the end of the 19th century and is about two sisters and a maid who watch over their third sister on her deathbed, torn between fearing she might die and hoping that she will.


This BBC documentary THE DAY I DIED by Kate Broome features in-depth case studies of Near Death Experiences including a dramatic veridical (verifiable accurate) out-of-body experience, the most recent research studies and balanced interpretations of NDEs from both skeptical and 'believer' perspectives. Featuring many top scientists that have studied Near Death Experiences and other related incidents. Apart from the X-Factor-esque sound design and spooky illustrating visuals it is worth a watch.